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Mike Killian - Director of Ops / Chief Pilot

Flying from a very young age, Mike grew up in aviation and started taking lessons when he was only twelve years old.  Since then he has amassed over 6000 flight hours flying both fixed-wing and helicopters.  He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor Certificate for Airplane Single & Multi-Engine as well as Helicopters.  In addition to serving as the Director of Operations at Corsair Aviation, Mike is also the primary pilot for the company's air charter operation and works part-time flying helicopters for the news.  Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Henley-Putnam University.

Director of Operations / Chief Pilot | Mike Killian

Tyler Broulik - Assistant Chief Pilot

Born and raised in Southern California, Tyler grew up in the Antelope Valley. His interest in aviation stems from his father and grandfather who worked as aeronautical engineers at USAF Plant 42. After receiving his class A skydiving certification in 2017, Tyler decided to pursue a career as a pilot. He enrolled as a student at Corsair Aviation and eventually became a Certified Flight Instructor. Tyler brings first hand experience as a student utilizing the Cessna Flight Training Syllabus as well as extensive local knowledge, and a passion for all things aviation.

Check Instructor | Tyler Broulik

Dana Baker - Check Instructor

Dana became hooked on learning to fly after taking a ride in his friend's airplane. Shortly after completing his Private Pilot Certificate he decided to push forward and become a Certified Flight Instructor.  His strong desire to share aviation shows in his enthusiastic dedication to flight training.  Having flown a wide variety of aircraft, Dana holds a tail-wheel endorsement and even built his own kit airplane!  When not flying, Dana works in the movie industry and is an avid drone pilot. 

Check Instructor | Dana Baker

Sunny Wang - Flight Instructor

Sunny was born in Taiwan and moved to LA at the age of 15. He grew up dreaming about being an airline pilot. While in college, he built a 1:1 Cessna 172 simulator in his parent's garage, and his passion in aviation led to him working for the UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) collaborative project with Northrop Grumman. He earned his B.S. degree in Electical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. Currently, Sunny is a software engineer working for the US Army's UH-60V Blackhawk Helicopter Digital Cockpit Transformation at Northrop Grumman. As an instructor at Corsair Aviation, Sunny hopes to help each student develop a core foundation that can be built upon as they move forward with their aviation goals. With his engineering and aviation background, Sunny can offer a fun, challenging, and rewarding training experience.

Flight Instructor | Sunny Wang

Adam Preston - Flight Instructor

Adam was born in Delaware and moved to Cody, Wyoming when he was 8 years old. He spent his time in Wyoming hiking, fishing, skiing, and snowboarding. He knew he wanted to be a pilot from a young age but didn't see it as attainable until he became more familiar with his local flight school's program. He started the private pilot program at Choice Aviation at 20 years old and decided to continue, ultimately achieving his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate at 22. After graduating, Adam worked a number of jobs, from chairlift operator, to concrete laborer, until finally gaining the opportunity to teach at Corsair Aviation. Both of Adam's parents are teachers, and their passion for knowledge and teaching was passed to him early on. While instructing, Adam wants to relay the importance of flying safely, but also the importance of having fun while aviating. 

Flight Instructor | Adam Preston

Preston Fischler - Flight Instructor

Preston was born and raised in Southern California. After completing a six year enlistment in the Air Force, Preston began flight training in Dallas, Texas. Missing sunny California, he returned back home to complete his CFI training. Preston is currently enrolled in college working towards a degree in Anthropology. On his off-time you can find him riding his motorcycle through the local canyons or hiking with his dogs! 


Ryder Markey - Flight Instructor

Ryder was born and raised in Los Angeles and spent some time living in Canada with his family. His mother worked in Los Angeles as a celebrity makeup artist. He attended Cal State University, Northridge and completed his Bachelor’s of Science in business management with a minor in psychology. After university he utilized his dual citizenship to train in Canada as a cadet with WestJet Airlines. During the pandemic he decided to return to Los Angeles. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, riding super sport motorcycles, cooking, learning new languages and spending time with friends.

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