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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography taken to a new level! We offer both light fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters and drones equipped with the latest technology in aerial imaging as well as conventional aerial camera platforms. From amateur and professional photographers looking to hire one of our aircraft for their next shoot, to end users who need aerial imagery acquisition, we are here to help.

Oblique Photography

Whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer, we offer competitive rates on our fleet of aircraft which make great platforms for shooting coventional aerial photography. Our experienced pilots get you on target, on time and on budget with the highest standard of safety. 

Nadir Photography

Utilizing our SkyIMD Sensor Pod, we can fly a variety of sensors to capture the imagery you need. Whether you're looking to capture orthomosaic, multispectral, hyperspectral, LIDAR, thermal, or HD video we can help. Our SkyIMD Sensor Pod is FAA approved and installed under STC.

Drone Photography

A cost effective solution, drones can be a great method for capturing imagery on smaller projects. We operate several drones equipped to capture both oblique and nadir imagery. Our drone operators are FAA Part 107 certified and fully insured.

Learn more about our aerial services!     Call +1 (818) 906-4024

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