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Multi Engine Course

Multi Engine Course

SKU: KC459

Preview and understand each maneuver required for your multi-engine training. It’s no secret, multi-engine aircraft are fast and they are fun. With greater power, bigger size and more levers, knobs, and dials—twin-engine airplanes can deliver a thrill way beyond the pleasure of single-engine flight. But we all know flying a twin aircraft can be dangerous if you are not properly trained and proficient.


See Every Step in Managing an Engine Failure


You will learn everything you will be required to demonstrate in your practical test with video that virtually puts you in the pilot's seat. John will even walk you through a complete engine failure step-by-step. You'll watch as a propeller feathers and spins to a stop in the air! John will then take you through the proper steps to establish safe single-engine flight and then secure and restart the engine.


Ensure You Are Prepared


Multi-Engine Flying covers topics including the theory of single-engine flight, normal and single-engine flying, instrument flying, cross-country flying and preparing for your checkride. This course not only gives you the basic skills for stepping up to multi-engine flight—it polishes your airmanship and helps you make a seamless transition, as you become the obvious master of the aircraft.


You'll Understand...


  • The aerodynamics of single-engine flight in a twin
  • Why it is important to "raise the dead" when you have an engine failure
  • What a twin-engine airplane can do on one engine—and what it can't
  • How to maintain control while getting max performance on one engine
  • How to deal with an engine failure on takeoff
  • How to handle emergencies you might encounter (even a few you may never have thought about)


*Kit includes Corsair Aviation merchandise

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